Three days lost,
deliberate amnesia,
memories filter through the gaps,
exploding in bursts of recognition

Machines beep constantly while
footsteps brush in time,
green soldiers keeping watch,
never resting,
always moving

The belt of frustration tightens
all through the night,
clamping the edge of pain
then blissfully releasing

Plastic sealed to the skin,
so hot yet so vital,
friends with the box
that watches over this body

Night becomes day,
voices fight to be heard,
faces gaze with full eyes,
the mind shuts,
too painful to see

Stripped of dignity
to keep the shell clean,
the body obeys words spoken,
the tearing of a million knives
as noises escape
from the depths of hell

Distant cries,
bodies rejecting,
souls departing,
the pain too great,
the battle too tough

Beautiful amnesia
flows again,
the body rests once more
in this place,
so safe,
so full,
so lonely.



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