Hell in the Gym Hall

Completed today (June 21st) as part of World Writing Day

Girls to the left,
Boys to the right,
avoiding eye contact
with all of their might

It’s that time of year
when they’re forced
into prancing,
the dreaded,
the hated,
Mixed Social Dancing

Lecherous Bob
with his big, sweaty palms,
his desperate to squeeze
Busty Babs in his arms

Angela’s eyeing up
Geeky boy Winston
who’d rather be reading
his copy of Piston

Mousy Michelle
makes a beeline for Ricky
but is pipped at the post
by foxy faced Vicky

Freckly Fred
blushes straight to his roots
as he’s left with the teacher,
sexy Miss Boots

With a skirl of the bagpipes
they head off round the hall
trying hard not to trip
as they fumble and fall

In gym halls,
in high schools
from Orkney to Fife
all teenagers face
the worst time
of their lives!!

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