A bit fat

They said I was a bit fat
and I didn’t like that
so I stopped eating food
but that was no good
as I made myself ill
so I took a slimming pill
but it just wasted money
and that wasn’t funny
so I tried to get a bit fit
with a fit bit
but that was a bit shit
eventually I could see
that it wasn’t really me
so ignoring ‘good health’
at last, I’m happy with myself

Daily Post: Snack

Author: George McDermid

I scratch out poems, and the odd little tale. Mostly for my own amusement.

2 thoughts on “A bit fat”

  1. Made me smile broadly! Love it. Somethig quite similar of mine..

    Voltage errors!

    My head is on 240
    My life on 110
    Terminal incompatibility!

    And I am no electrician.

    If I hook head to life
    The sparks are blinding
    And not found acceptable.

    If I hook life to head
    Just insufficient juice
    To turn the motor.

    Transformer needed.

    Step up or step down?
    Which one would succeed?
    Economy is an issue!

    Radio Shack failed me
    E Bay just as bad
    So I ran a personal ad!

    The results were not electrifying.

    Thinking of switching to gas
    Natural or bottled
    Beans or high octane?

    The choice is crucial
    If I don’t guess right
    Folks will think I’m wound too tight.

    Core meltdown pending.

    Nuclear power?
    There’s a thought
    Stay submerged a year if I want.

    Fission or fusion?
    Choices again!
    Isotopically challenged.

    How to keep my reactor cool?

    Steam! More my style
    Manageable, alive!
    And comes with escape valves!

    Bells and whistles
    Oh what joy!
    The dream of every little boy!

    Is childhood still that close?

    Let’s get real
    A donkey cart
    Is where I’m at!

    A hint of mule
    In the mix
    Just for the kicks!

    Like I need more manure.

    Pedal power
    Ecologically sound
    But so pedestrian!

    I’d have to run
    Just to keep up
    Could use the exercise!

    Treadmill generator! Problem solved!

    The treadmill I have
    No need to shop
    Going nowhere at terminal velocity!

    Out of breath
    Out of ideas
    Out of my mind!

    Back to square one!

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