Lost Myself

Where is he?

That man

You know the one.

The one that travelled, trailed, lived and sung


Just who was he?

That man

That prodigal son?

Who thought nothing of friends, foes, fears or fun


Was he lost

That man

Throughout the years?

Beneath the poisoned stabs, relentless jeers?


Or has he grown

That man?

A man unknown

Shedding the skin of all he’s ever known


Can it be

That man

Was a man reborn?

Drowning, gasping in a font of scorn


Stepping forth

That man

Into the light

The man he was, lost to the eternal night


But no.

That man.

I see him still

He’s weary, fractured but there’s a strength, a will


So here he is

This man

You know the one

I’m here, still here, not quite ready yet to be done…


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