Two Sides

I split in two, I divide,
I side with me, with you, I hide
from the out, from the in,
run from the religion who damn as a sin
the divide, the division of soul,
of confusion where help needs a goal,
but, where rational thought,
does not.

I won’t play the game, play the stereotype,
live up to the hype
of the image that’s played
and no matter what’s said,
I can’t become that and it’s wrong to assume
the pretty-thing room
is the end of the road,
just because,
I follow a different code.

I’m forced to take blame in splendour
for all the idiots of my gender,
while facing the ultimate snub
from those in the opposite club
so, I split in two, I divide,
I hold my head up alone,
with pride.

‘Quarrels with the Gender Binary’ – an upcoming anthology exploring the diverse spectrum of gender discourse and experience: Click Here

Author: George McDermid

I scratch out poems, and the odd little tale. Mostly for my own amusement.

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