The Battle

Sickness dwells
within the nooks
and crannies
of the mind

thoughts and words,
destroying life
from the inside

No one knows
how long it lives
before it starts
to bite

But slowly
and assuredly
it wins the
dreadful fight

With memories
of battles lost
the sickness spreads
too deep

The darkness
closes in,
the mind too sick,
too scared
to sleep.



in a prison she created,
no escape from
the inevitable

He returns this night
to haunt her,
the monster of
her nightmares

though he is,
she cannot keep
him out

Pushed to the edge
of oblivion,
she seeks a different,
final end to her


Shut your eyes and
go to your happy place,
never show you are
dying inside

Listen to the waves,
to the gulls calling loudly,
not to the screams
as you hear yourself cry

Imagine the calm, gentle
breeze flowing softly,
and not the invasion,
nor the searing, raw pain

Keep in your head
every good time
and memory,
you shall need them
for sure when it all
starts again.

One Small Step

One small step
is all I need
to take the pain away

One leap into
the icy depths
and my world
will cease to be grey

One swift cut
will drain away
the poison
from my heart

One tug of war
will free my mind,
of this world
I will have no part

So many ways
to surrender,
to finally be free

No more fight
to endure the pain,
to continue being me.


He is blind to her eyes
that shine just for him

to her smile that only
his presence can bring

to the laughter in her voice
whenever they speak

to the swelling of her heart
that she longs for him to keep

He is blind to the girl
who used to be fun

to the girl
who once believed
she could be someone

to the girl
who no longer
can see past the pain

to the girl
who will never
be happy again.

The Magician

You wear your mask so perfectly,
no one would ever guess,
underneath that false facade
lies a life that you have wrecked

So gentle and engaging
to the unsuspecting eye,
this act of patient kindness
covers up your many lies

Master of illusion,
of deceitful, dirty tricks,
a hidden streak of malice,
violence is your fix

No bone too tough to break through,
no skin too soft to bruise,
you strike each blow so swiftly
with an ever-shortening fuse

You wear your mask so perfectly
but it hides the truth no longer,
a monster lurks behind that smile
but time will make me stronger.