Hers ‘n’ His

I made a ‘choose your own adventure’ style game back in August 2014.

Check it out!

More context for those that enjoy reading about writing over reading writing…

I studied Computer Game Technology at University, so there was a couple times when some friends of mine were participating in a ‘Game Jam’, which is when people all around the world try to make a game in a weekend based on a specific theme. Because it’s a worldwide thing and it was set up somewhere in America, in the UK the starting time was like 3 in the morning. In order to keep myself primed for my best work at this time, I went clubbing before hand. I have fuzzy memories of arriving back at the flat, being told the theme was Connected Worlds and beginning the masterpiece linked above.

I always feel the most fun of an interactive story is just having as many options as possible. It’s annoying when you’re playing a telltale game or whatever that says it’s interactive but you know you’ve only got a fairly low level of influence on the story proper. So my ‘goal’ when making this story was just to throw in as many options as possible, sprawling out over the universes, until the game jam weekend ended.

E N J O Y !