The Battle

Sickness dwells
within the nooks
and crannies
of the mind

thoughts and words,
destroying life
from the inside

No one knows
how long it lives
before it starts
to bite

But slowly
and assuredly
it wins the
dreadful fight

With memories
of battles lost
the sickness spreads
too deep

The darkness
closes in,
the mind too sick,
too scared
to sleep.


Two Sides

I split in two, I divide,
I side with me, with you, I hide
from the out, from the in,
run from the religion who damn as a sin
the divide, the division of soul,
of confusion where help needs a goal,
but, where rational thought,
does not.

I won’t play the game, play the stereotype,
live up to the hype
of the image that’s played
and no matter what’s said,
I can’t become that and it’s wrong to assume
the pretty-thing room
is the end of the road,
just because,
I follow a different code.

I’m forced to take blame in splendour
for all the idiots of my gender,
while facing the ultimate snub
from those in the opposite club
so, I split in two, I divide,
I hold my head up alone,
with pride.

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Shut your eyes and
go to your happy place,
never show you are
dying inside

Listen to the waves,
to the gulls calling loudly,
not to the screams
as you hear yourself cry

Imagine the calm, gentle
breeze flowing softly,
and not the invasion,
nor the searing, raw pain

Keep in your head
every good time
and memory,
you shall need them
for sure when it all
starts again.

New Moon

Deep within the darkest shadows’ dance
lies unseen, the bright new moon,
and so my unanswered questions fall
and leave me in this empty room.

But enduring loss the night sky shines
and blazes with a different wonder,
while my deepest questions are left to probe
past lightning and past thunder.

So standing here, under this new night,
my darkest questions should leave,
but in shadows cast by a different light
they all remain and grieve.

Daily Post Word Prompt: Suspicious

One Small Step

One small step
is all I need
to take the pain away

One leap into
the icy depths
and my world
will cease to be grey

One swift cut
will drain away
the poison
from my heart

One tug of war
will free my mind,
of this world
I will have no part

So many ways
to surrender,
to finally be free

No more fight
to endure the pain,
to continue being me.

Lost Myself

Where is he?

That man

You know the one.

The one that travelled, trailed, lived and sung


Just who was he?

That man

That prodigal son?

Who thought nothing of friends, foes, fears or fun


Was he lost

That man

Throughout the years?

Beneath the poisoned stabs, relentless jeers?


Or has he grown

That man?

A man unknown

Shedding the skin of all he’s ever known


Can it be

That man

Was a man reborn?

Drowning, gasping in a font of scorn


Stepping forth

That man

Into the light

The man he was, lost to the eternal night


But no.

That man.

I see him still

He’s weary, fractured but there’s a strength, a will


So here he is

This man

You know the one

I’m here, still here, not quite ready yet to be done…