Tooth Fairy

She’s my darling, my love
And it comes to us all,
That moment of truth
When you have to stand tall
At the indignity
Of losing a tooth.

I comforted, I cuddled
I wiped away tears
I said you’re a big girl
Of many brave years
And there’s the Tooth Fairy
We’ll give that a whirl.

So she hugged me
And she loved me
And we had our nice fix
Though I tell you right now,
There’s no bloody Tooth Fairy
She’s gone 46!


Goodbye Summer

Smoky chimneys puff in to life
as the air grows sharper
and the nights start on time

Shiny, brown conkers dwell
underfoot, treasure for the
young and young at heart

Leaves fall and grow crisp,
perfect for squeaky wellies
to scrunch with delight

Fat, amber pumpkins
with glowing, bright faces,
shiny, red apples bobbing
gently in buckets

Bonfires burning while
sparklers are twirling,
bursts of bright colours
explode in the sky

Steaming, sweet mugs full
of sticky hot chocolate
give a glow to your insides
then light up your cheeks

The promise of glistening
snow when trees twinkle
with tinsel and hearts
are full with dreams of
Christmas Day.

The Black Hole

I am the darkness
inside your head,
I crumble your spirit,
make you long to be dead

I erase every colour
that brightens your world,
leave you gasping for air
as your life it unfurls

All the laughter and joy
are swept down the drain,
as I poison your mind
with unspeakable pain

The black hole it deepens
with each passing day,
no strength to climb out
nor keep the demons at bay

A life not worth living,
no light to be seen,
a tunnel to nowhere
full of silent screams.


What does it feel like
when you come to call?
Will I recognise your face?
Will you be fat or thin or tall?

Will you wear a cloak of darkness
that obscures your face from view?
Will I sense when you are coming?
Will you somehow send a clue?

Will family long passed
wait to welcome me with love?
Will you tell them that I’m coming?
Will they watch me from above?

Will I feel like I am flying?
Will I sink right through the clouds?
Will my babies know I miss them?
Will I always wear my shroud?

Can I have some extra special time
to love and laugh and live?

I’m not ready yet to meet you

I have so much more to give.


I see you turn
your face away,
pretending I’m
not here

Do be careful
not to stumble
as you run
away in fear

You look so
fucking stupid
Do you know that?
Can you see?

You’re still visible
Still ignorant
Still a friend?
You used to be

But times have
I see that now.
I am dirty,
damaged goods

I’m the nightmare
living close to you,
I’m the darkness
in the woods

But blindness
won’t erase me,
will not cure what
can’t be healed

Go on and hide,
I see it now,
Your true nature
has been revealed.




Do you hear me up there
when I cry in dark places,
lost in the pit of terror?

Can you see me up there
when I deny myself
the truth of my own existence?

Do you feel anything up there
when my bones scream
as my dreams shatter?

Will you help me up there
with a miracle so special
it satisfies the heathen?

Are you even up there?