Remember Me


Play heavy metal music
as loud as you can bear

Buy purple ties and shoes and tops
and wear them without a care

Invent a brand new recipe
by chucking anything in

Play Scrabble on a Saturday
and sulk if you don’t win

Re read all of your favourite books
but never give them away

Take photos of your loved ones
each and every day

Watch old black and white movies
while it rains and rains some more

Take day trips to the beach
and find a rock pool to explore

Curl up in my favourite chair
then close your eyes to dream

Feel my arms around you for
I’m not as far away as I seem.



It’s like a three ring circus
in this house of hell tonight,
the moon is full,
his mind is wired,
he’s ready for a fight

The mini diva screams because
it’s time to rest her head,
no need to sleep says Little Miss,
the sun is not yet in bed

I long for dark October days,
for night to start on time

Piss off Summer,
I’ve had enough,
Winter will suit me fine

calling up


can you hear me Gordoran?

I’m inside a two way window

they dumped me on a sofa

all around is disarranged

I need a better offer



do you get the scene Gordoran?

Harvey Nichols is on a square

where trees and kiosks mix

strangers look in and stare

Yea, I’m really in a fix



Insan, Insan, I hear your call

you’ll have to wait for now

the glass stops beam forming

you need you to move outside

then we’ll be back preforming



I hear you Gordoran

I’ll be beside the ragged man

who likes to sleep out there

he may change over with me

you think the shop might care?



Insan, Insan, we’ll get you

ok about your ragged man

it’s a good idea to swap

then all their people can see

that it’s anybody’s shop