The Journey

Ambling lazily as usual, I rested for a moment on the crumbling dry stone dyke and watched clouds gather. I turned the flowers in my hand over once more, examining them closely. Would she like them? Would the rain start before I got there? Would I manage back up the hill at all? Did it matter?

I heard the bells of the old church chime eleven times. One more to go, I thought.

When I got there, I laid the flowers down, where none were there before and said my last farewell. It was time to go, rest in peace.


Under books, work, the weight of the world,
Fierce shadows lurk, and sit beside me curled,
As though a cat, purring asleep,
But ready to pounce, leap
Upon my lap, claws ready, sharp,
A heartless stab, jab, scratch and tear,
If I should I dare
Pull myself up to breathe,
It would not sheathe
Those talons,
Instead all would fall
In gallons
Of books, work, the weight of the world,
In one swift flurry,
Completely bury.

A bit fat

They said I was a bit fat
and I didn’t like that
so I stopped eating food
but that was no good
as I made myself ill
so I took a slimming pill
but it just wasted money
and that wasn’t funny
so I tried to get a bit fit
with a fit bit
but that was a bit shit
eventually I could see
that it wasn’t really me
so ignoring ‘good health’
at last, I’m happy with myself

Daily Post: Snack