In the corner of a dark place

Hangs a head in dire shame,

Turning over a life’s worries;

Taking on all the mounting blame.


A cranial void of no solutions,

Black as tunnel light can be,

Wondering where the chances went;

Expected them to be for free.


Starting on hearing known voices,

Coming far from pointed light,

Shaking out from the deep despair;

Given hope of final respite.


Unhinged doors burst in on him,

A figure stands within the frame,

Smiles exchanged, bursting wildly;

A bullet lodges in his brain.



Full Moon

Every month the pages turn,
the horror creeping in

Time ticks by and slowly
his scary world begins

Uncontrolling voices start,
he cannot get away

The manic life he hates so much
takes over come what may

A person I don’t recognise,
a stranger no one knows

Dangerous, so scary,
life is threatened,
voices grow

Painful scars inflicted
to release the fear inside

If only I could reach him
but the demons make him hide

Tears appear from everywhere,
the lucidness returns

He cannot face reality,
fresh scars begin to burn

A frightened child is lost within
a world he cannot see

The moon retreats,
The madness fades,
Once more his mind is free